Bart Michiels

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The Course of History

Published by Damiani
Texts by Simon Schama and Sonja Fessel.

Bart Michiels's perilously beautiful, poetically eloquent encounters with the landscapes of war offer one of the most powerful, yet movingly tentative answers that have yet been given in any medium of representation. In their terrible quietness, in their depopulated fullness, in their earthy witness, the photographs stand at the opposite pole of response from the stone monuments, the statuary, the info-plaques, the museum "Centres" obtusely built over the earth-covered bodies. Michiels understands that less is more; that somehow the action can be brought to life by the very stillness and emptiness of the space in which it was originally enacted.

from "Bart Michiels : the space of memory" foreword by Simon Schama, 2013
Damiani, 2013, 156 pages, 72 color plates, 26x31,5cm/10.3x12.4inches

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