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Reviews and Essays

Spookbeelden van de Slagvelden by Maarten Van Alstein. Gierik, 2014.

Entre Présence et Absence - Les Chantiers de la Mémoire by Bridget Sheridan. Chantiers Politiques, 2013.

De Vrede in Europa, 300 Jaar later... The Missing Peace by Marieke Ladru. Tubelight, nr.88, August 2013.

Bart Michiels : the space of memory. Essay by Simon Schama.  July 2013.

De Klik  by Jan Bosteels.  Focus, April 2013.

Sense of Place, European Landscape Photography. Curated by Liz Wells. Exhibition Catalogue, Prestel, 2012.

The Absence of Atrocity : Bart Michiels's The Course of History Photographs by Sonja Fessel. Taylor&Francis Online,  July 2012.

Battlefields Without Blood   by Tom Peeters. Flanders Today, March 21, 2012.

Sites of Battle : Photographs of War-torn Landscapes. Bart Michiels: The Course of History by Sonja Fessel. (Slagvelden : Foto's van oorlogslandschappen)  Imaging History, FoMu Magazine  EXTRA 10 XL, FotoMuseum, Antwerp, 2012.

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An imaginary journey into the mirror of history by Federica Soletta. Art Experience : New York City, Jan 2011.

Out of  The Darkroom – The David Kronn Collection. Exhibition Catalogue. The Irish Museum of Art,  2011.

The Course of History : Götterdämmerung. Review by Vince Aletti. The New Yorker, Jan. 3, 2011.

The Course of History : Götterdämmerung. Review by Wayne Parsons. The New York Photo Review, Volume 1 Nr .40. Dec 15, 2010-Jan 4, 2011.

The New York Times Lensblog. November 12, 2010.

Silent Landscapes, edited by Rosa Olivares. EXIT 38, May-July 2010.

Naturalism. Exhibition Catalogue. Ulsan International Photography Festival 2009.

De Green Card ontgroend. Eight photographs published. Pulp Inc. (Igepa Belux, Belgium), 2009.

Là dove c'era la battaglia by Fiamma Arditi. La Stampa, July 8, 2009.

A Sky filled with Shooting Stars. Review of AIPAD 2009 Online. March 25th 2009.

Human/Nature : Recent European Landscape Photography. Review by Alice Thorson. The Kansas City Star, July 2008.

The Georgia Review. Introduction by Mindy Wilson.  Portfolio published. Spring 2008.

Boeiende Belgen in The Big Apple by Tom Ronse. De Morgen, 2008.

The Course of History at Foley Gallery, Review by Vince Aletti. The New Yorker, Januari 28, 2008.

The Course of History : The Mediterranean Theatre. Essay by Sarah Stanley. Catalogue, Foley Gallery, Januari 2008.

Il Corso Della Storia. Interview by Selva Barni. RODEO Magazine (Milan), July/August 2007.

Het gewicht van de blik, Bart Michiels' Course of History by Pieter Van Bogaert.  FotoMuseum Magazine, Feb. 2007.

Fotograaf  Bart Michiels zoekt vergeten tekens . Interview with Koen Vertessen. Attitude Special  Summer, 2006.

Novecento. Text by Marco Delugo. Cataloque for the Festival Internazionale Di Roma, April/May, 2006.

Schuldige Landschappen. Text by Jan Bosteels. FOCUS, May 2006.

The Course of History. Review by Bert Danckaert. (H)ART, May 11, 2006.

EDIT #3 : Territoires. Interview by Saskia Ooms, online ( March, 2006.

Waiting in Silence by Sarah Stanley. Afterimage Vol.33, Nº1, 2005.

Review by Su N Madenci. Genis Açi  (Istanbul) Nr. 40, March-April 2005.

The Calender. The New York Sun, March 3, 2005.

Voice Choices by Vince Aletti. The Village Voice, March 22, 2005.

Theaters of War. Review by Choire Sicha. The New York Times, Sunday, February 27, 2005.

Southern Trilogy and the Journey of Bart Michiels. View Camera.. Nov/Dec. 2003.

Review of BelgiaNomads show. Free Eye, May 2003.

Review of BelgiaNomads show. Addict, April 2003.

Review of BelgiaNomads show. De Morgen, April 2003.

Review of BelgiaNomads show. Weekend Knack, April 2003.

Review of exhibition at Agnes Gallery by James R. Nelson. Arts & Leisure, The Birmingham News, Feb. 1997.

Arts Round Up, Birmingham, Feb. 1997.  Jane Longshore.

Interview by Jan Vernieuwe. Het Nieuwsblad (Belgium) Jan 12, 1997.

Popular Photography, October 1996.  One photograph published.

Review of exhibiton at Wright Art Center.  The Bolivar Commercial  (Cleveland, MS) Sept. 26, 1996.

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